01 February 2015
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Coeliac disease, Allergies, IBS...

Make controlling your diet simple with the free FoodWiz app. 

Whether you are restricting your diet of gluten, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, milk, egg, soybean, celery, mollusc, mustard, sesame seed, sulphite or lupin ~ We can help. 

The FoodWiz video is an example of how Mother and Daughter Lucy use the FoodWiz app on a Smart Phone to control their shopping and their diet.  Mum has a milk allergy and Lucy has a nut allergy.  The clip shows just two of the many allergy control functions of the application.  Patients will set their own needs in their profile for the app to work for them.  The app can be set for all the family. 

The free FoodWiz app is now available on the Android platform as well as the Apple iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch.

Customer Feedback...

Jane English states ~I would recommend this to my friends and rates her shopping experience 10/10.  Jane has a daughter with coeliac disease.

Sue Masters states ~ I have already recommended FoodWiz to my friends.  I have a milk and nut allergy.

Penny Ralph ~ Having recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, I was hating shopping, but FoodWiz is brilliant.  I have got a new phone just so that I could have the app.

Sally Gaskell ~ I have coeliac disease and both my daughters have nut allergies, I have downloaded the app and would recommend it to my friends.

Ant Shivji ~ My son has an allergy to nuts, fish and various other things and I rate the shopping experience 8/10.

Our UK Allergy Free Data Pack

 We currently provide an update service tailored for people with Coeliac disease, and people with intolerance or allergic reaction to food. The Allergy Free Data Pack provides product information on the content of the following types in food and drink:-

  Gluten       Celery/Celeriac Strawberry
  Wheat Sesame Seeds Tomato
  Milk (including Lactose) Peanuts Ginger
  Fish Tree nuts* Mushroom
  Crustaceans Sulphites Yeast
  Molluscs Lupin Coconut
  Soya/Soybeans Mustard Kiwi
  Eggs Tea Onion
  Garlic Chicken    
  Red Peppers Green Peppers    
  Yellow Peppers Pea    
  Lentil Haricot    
  Watermelon Cocoa Bean    
  Grapefruit Cantaloupe    
  Apple Olive    
  Orange Lemon
FoodWiz smartphones

The FoodWiz app is compatible with all Android smart Phones starting with the Android 2.2 version to Android 4.3.

As a guide the following Android Smart Phones will run the FoodWiz App:

Acer -  Touch E400 / E130 / Liquid / Stream / Liquid Mini

Dell - Streak/ Streak 7

Google - Nexus One / NexusS

HTC - Desire / Desire HD / Legend / Wildfire / Tattoo / Desire S/ Desire Z / Incredible S / Inq Cloud

TouchHuawei - Ideos (U8150) / IdeosX5  

LG - Optimus (GT540) / Optimus One / LG Optimus 2X  

Motorola - Defy / Flipout / Milestone XT720 / Dext / Milestone 2  

Orange - San Francisco  

Samsung - Galaxy SI/II/III / Galaxy Europa / Galaxy Portal / Galaxy Tab / Galaxy S (19000)Galaxy Ace / Galaxy Apollo / Galaxy Mini  

Sony Ericsson - X10 / X10 mini / X10 mini pro / Xperia arc / Xperia Play / Xperia x8 


Apple - iPhone 3g/ 3gs/ 4/5 / Ipod Touch 4




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