28 February 2015

What we do

  It can be difficult to determine if a product contains certain allergens or ingredients from reading the product packaging. Information on the packaging can be difficult to see and find, and time consuming to understand, as manufacturers use different terms for the same ingredient.
  FoodWiz instantly identifies allergens in Food and Drink using the camera on smart phones. Simply point the smart phone camera at the barcode on the product packaging, and the FoodWiz App will identify the product by the barcode, and display whether the product matches your lifestyle.

Fast & simple to use

  FoodWiz delivers what you want to know about the product in less than 1 second from barcode recognition. You don’t need to be connected to the internet when scanning barcodes, as FoodWiz stores our entire retail product database directly on the smart phone.

  Our patented mobile information technology compresses the database stored on the phone to less than 10 megabytes, or in other words, the typical size taken to store 4 music tracks, or 6 photos*.

  (*Music track files vary in size according to sound quality and file format, Photo files vary in size according to resolution and file format).



Tailor made delivery

  FoodWiz improves your shopping experience by showing only information that you want to see from lifestyle profiles.

  You can create multiple lifestyle profiles for different occasions or for other members of the family with one account.

Information from reliable sources

  In association with Allergy UK, Asda, and Tesco, we maintain detailed information on over 80,000 food and drink products sold in the UK. We typically make 100 new product additions or product changes each day from the information received from manufacturers and retailers.

  Our content providers send us product information electronically from what is stated by the manufacturer on the product packaging, and it is vetted by the manufacturer before we receive it. We only interpret information as stated by the Manufacturer to ensure that we do not make unsubstantiated claims for a product. The FoodWiz app will tell you if there is insufficient information on a product to meet a lifestyle choice.



Our UK Allergy Free Data Pack

  We currently provide an update service tailored for people with Coeliac disease, and people with intolerance or allergic reaction to food. The Allergy Free Data Pack provides product information on the content of the following types in food and drink:-
  Gluten       Celery/Celeriac Strawberry
  Wheat Sesame Seeds Tomato
  Milk (including Lactose) Peanuts Ginger
  Fish Tree nuts* Mushroom
  Crustaceans Sulphites Yeast
  Molluscs Lupin Coconut
  Soya/Soybeans Mustard Kiwi
  Eggs Tea Onion
  Garlic Chicken    
  Red Peppers Green Peppers    
  Yellow Peppers Pea    
  Lentil Haricot    
  Watermelon Cocoa Bean    
  Grapefruit Cantaloupe    
  Apple Olive    
  Orange Lemon  


*Tree nuts include Almond, Hazelnut,Walnut, Cashew, Pecan, Brazil, Pistachio, Macadamia, and Chestnut.


With the continual development of our Database, further food types will be added to the data pack over the next 12 months. The Data pack provides information on Products sold in the UK only.






Keeping your phone up to date

  We maintain a centralised database on product information which is distributed to smart phones. The FoodWiz app will automatically update the database stored on your phone, whenever you choose the “Sync with web site” option in the software.

  You do need to be connected to the internet to receive updates; however we compress the amount transmitted to keep any data charges that your network provider might make to a minimum.



Our Security Measures

  We secure all communication between smart phones and our web site, and your web browser using secure socket connections (HTTPS) protocols, and we do not store your account information, or personal details on the phone.

  We do not store sensitive or personal information on our secured database, such as credit card information, other than the minimum required to provide our service, or required by UK law.

  Our data is secured by web software and firewall software to protect your information from common intrusion threats.
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